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Campaign 2019!
We achieved our $60,000 goal
for the 2019 CRS Operating Grant!

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In collaboration with the Cancer Research Society
we are offering a $120,000 GCT-specific research operating grant in 2019.

We will be announcing the results of our proposal evaluation in mid-August 2019

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Presentations for GCT Sisters in Seattle - 2019

Kimberly Richardson - What is Advocacy?

Powel Crosley - What is GCT and What are clinical trials?

Powel Crosley - What is the difference in CT, MRI and PET scans?


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Inhibin testing
We realise that there is inconsistent offering of Inhibin and AMH testing in Canada, and possibly elsewhere.
ARUP Labs in Salt Lake City, Utah, is one lab that can test for both markers and will accept samples from patients.
These links provide instructions for international sample submission,
a sample order form (cost is $98 USD but may vary), and
instructions specific to Canadian submissions.

Be sure to contact ARUP directly before arranging collection of your sample to ensure you have the latest information.

Where in the world are we!
Three of our sisters, Terri, Dianne, and Sue, have put together this poster showing the world-wide distribution of our GCT 'family'.
Have a look!

Presentations from GCT Sisters Weekend 2016

We collected presentations from speakers who participated in our 2016 GCT Sisters Weekend.

Kunle Odunsi - Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA
Granulosa cell tumors and Immunotherapy for ovarian cancer

Aniina Farkkila - University of Helsinki, Finland
Optimizing follow-up after adult granulosa cell tumor

Ulla-Maija Haltia - University of Helsinki, Finland
Current treatment of AGCT and future perspectives

Powel Crosley - University of Alberta, Canada
Combining apoptosis-inducing agents in treatment of granulosa cell tumour

Alan Klitzke - Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA
Imaging modalities for granulosa cell tumour

Photos from GCTSW 2016

GCTRF is a registered, 100% volunteer foundation

The foundation is registered with the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charity.  When you donate to GCTRF 100% of that donation goes to researchers due to the fact that we are a totally volunteer organisation and utilise a private grant to cover operating expenses.   We pay no salaries and no director's fees.  When you donate your hard-earned money you deserve to know that it is going to the purposes for which you donated!
Updated 20 December 2017