The Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation mission is to find an effective treatment.

Our charter is to:
  • Raise funds for research that will lead to a more effective treatment for Granulosa Cell Tumours of the ovary (GCT), and
  • Support GCT patients by providing information to your queries about GCT, and publicising recent research findings that may be relevant to GCT
  • Facilitate social networking between GCT women through social media and periodic "survivor weekends"

In these pages, we try to provide information that will assist you, in collaboration with your oncologist, in your effort to overcome GCT.

We are not medical professionals, and we do not pretend to offer medical advice.

We are, however, information researchers and we do offer information on recent research findings, potential clinical trials for GCT, and other topics that are appropriate for GCT patients.

Most importantly, we work to raise money for research and we accept donations, both individual and corporate.
Fiscal Transparency
Our financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March. We accept proposals for scientific research and submit them to our science advisory panel once per year.

For FY2012 we had total revenues of $21,577 USD, and in June, 2013, we awarded $10,000 grants to 3 international research groups.

This file lays out our finances over the last 7 years. Special items to note are:
  • $116,000 raised since 2005 and of that $87,000 comes from direct donations
  • $81,000 spent on research activities not including the $30,000 recently awarded
  • 100% of donations went directly to research through the Sladjana M. Crosley Fund for GCT Research
  • We paid no salaries or Director fees because GCTRF is a totally volunteer organisation

Privacy Policy

GCTRF complies with US HIPAA legislation [45 CFR 164].

Any fundraising materials sent by GCTRF include clear instructions on how to remove yourself from future mailings.   GCTF NZ does not release ANY information to any other orgnaisation and does not sell or otherwise distribute its mailing lists.

Advertising Policy

GCTRF does not display advertising content.

Any links to external websites are merely for information purposes OR to highlight the website of one of our sponsors.   Any such links DO NOT CONSTITUTE AN ENDORSEMENT of the website or its products/services.

If GCTRF does, in the future, display any advertisements they will be clearly identified with a banner declaring "-----ADVERTISEMENT-----".


I, Powel Crosley (Managing Director), have approved everything we display on this site.
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