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Mission Accomplished!!
over $12,000 raised for research!

She has run across the breadth of New Zealand,
Now, Sofi Crosley has bicycled the length of New Zealand
to raise money for GCT research that will break the vicious cycle of recurrent GCT.

It is never to late to say "Good on ye, mate" with pledge of support, and share the link with your networks.

Relive her trip on the Vicious Cycle Facebook page

Where in the world are we!
Three of our sisters, Terri, Dianne, and Sue, have put together this poster showing the world-wide distribution of our GCT 'family'.
Have a look!

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Updated! GCT Sisters Weekend - S2S - Presentations
Our presenters were kind enough to allow us to post their slides for those of you who could not make it to Denver.

Dr. Mikko Anttonen, University of Helsinki, Finland, The Nature of GCT Research in Helsinki

Dr. Vibha Thomas, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centres, Overview on Granulosa Cell Tumour

Jacklyn Barten, University of Colorado - Denver, Nutrition and Cancer

Dr. Jodi Lovejoy, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centres, Palliative Considerations in Cancer Care

Powel Crosley, GCTRF, Activating Cell Death in GCT (scientific terminology and data, sorry!)

Davey Silon, Stop GCT, Learning to be a Self-Advocate for GCT

GCT in the News
Powel Crosley is interviewed about his path from non-scientist to conducting GCT research.

GCTRF has a Community Fundraising Consultant
We have asked Wendy, one of our most successful, and prolific fund-rasiers, to offer support and ideas for those of you who would be interested in raising money for research in your communities.

She has already given some help to another of our warriors who will be announcing her effort on 8 May (so stay tuned).

If you'd like to raise support locally, drop us an email (admin@gctf.org.nz) and we will put Wendy in touch with you!

Registry of Gynaecologic Oncologists
We have started developing a list of gynae/oncs willing to work with GCT patients, or provide a 2nd opinion on GCT cases.

If your oncologist would like to be included, have them drop us an email.

"Our" First Publication
Our New Zealand team has published an article which is the first one to be accepted as a direct result of the funding you helped us provide.

You can read a synopsis of it (in our words), and get the complete article if you wish, by clicking here.

"Physician, Heal Thyself"
Shannon is one of our original supporters, vice-president of GCTF US, and a doctor. She also has been named to a panel that reviews research grant requests for the US Department of Defense under the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP). Some of you may have met her at our survivors weekend in 2011.

CDMRP have put together a profile of her for their website and you can read her encouraging story here.

Everything You Wanted to Know About GCT!
OK, maybe not everything or maybe more than you wanted to know!

Wanted: Researchers to Investigate GCT
GCTRF is dedicated to finding an effective treatment and is interested in providing funds for researchers who would work with us towards that goal.

GCT Survivors Weekend Presentations
We've posted the currently available materials from our weekend at the link below.
Click here.

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We have been informed, and confirmed, that there are some issues with Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

Welcome to the Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation

Granulosa cell tumours (GCT) are a rare form of ovarian cancer.   Statistics show that they make up a relatively small percentage of all ovarian cancers and GCT has therefore received less attention from researchers than some other cancers.

Because GCT is rare, many oncologists are not readily familiar with the disease, few claim to be specialists in its treatment, and some doctors, reportedly, still think that GCT is not considered to be a cancer.

Founded in 2004 as Granulosa Cell tumour Foundation New Zealand, our mission is to:

  • Provide women with information about this disease and give them knowledge that they can share, in turn, with their medical team; and
  • Raise money to support GCT-specific research with the goal of developing more effective treatments

Why we push for research

One of the most common descriptions of GCT in the medical community is: "Granulosa cell tumor of the ovary is an uncommon tumor of low malignant potential (LMP)" and many articles add that GCT has a "low rate of recurrence".

Often this is presented as a comforting factor, implying that you do not have to worry that much about recurrence or dying of the disease.   It is also known, however, that "Low-grade ovarian cancers and LMP tumours generally resist conventional cytotoxic chemotherapy."    Several articles have also stated that 50% - 80% of women with recurrent GCT will die from the disease, just as our Founder, Sladjana (Sofi) Crosley, did.

That is why we need research on GCT and why we have established the "Sladjana M. Crosley Fund for GCT Research".  This is not always a "benign" disease and can recur at any point over your lifetime, even up to 35 years after your diagnosis.  

We need Supporting Members

Medical discoveries don't happen without research, and research doesn't happen without a steady flow of funding.  Because we know that GCT tends to be non-responsive to normal, cytotoxic chemotherapy we have commissioned research designed to find molecular pathways through which GCT might be better controlled, and possibly cured.   We need you to support this battle and want to enlist you as a "GCTRF Supporting Member".   For a minimum, annual donation of at least $25 NZD, or more if you can possibly afford it, we will register you as a "GCTRF Supporting Member". By clicking on the "Donate Today" link you make a statement to yourself and us that you recognise the importance of this research and are joining the fight!

In return, we will provide you with every bit of insight and information we can muster to help you and your medical team.   This includes complete updates from our research teams as we receive them; unrestricted access to our Case History database; the right to post messages on our forum; periodic newsletters from the foundation; and more services we are continuing to develop.

GCTRF is a registered, 100% volunteer foundation

The foundation is registered with New Zealand Inland Revenue and the US Internal Revenue Service.  When you donate to GCTRF you can depend on 100% of that donation going to researchers due to the fact that we are a totally volunteer organisation and have received a private grant to cover operating expenses.   We pay no salaries and no director's fees.  When you donate your hard-earned money you deserve to know that it is going to the purposes for which you donated!

Site Updated: 13 June, 2015
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